Laura Banfield is a Naarm/Melbourne-based artist working across performance (PE), wearable artifacts (WE), installation (I), photography (PH), film (F), and workshops (WO).

Throughout her commissioned pieces and collaborative projects, and personal work, Laura explores notions of performance, material, bodies, and fashion. Her work has been exhibited both locally and internationally. Beyond this work, she lectures within the Bachelor of Fashion (Design) program at RMIT University.

Exhibitions  NGV Melbourne Design Week, Melbourne Spring Fashion Week, Melbourne Fashion Festival, Berlin Fashion Week, Centre for Contemporary Photography, Marfa Gallery, Wolfhound Gallery

Clients  Confidence Man, Polito, Deanne Butterworth, Lambert, RMIT University, Grimshaw Architects, OCTA

Press  Le Mile, To Be Magazine, Mileu Melbourne, Anyone Girl, Vogue Italia

Talks  ACMI X Industry Night, RMIT University Careers Day

Significant Surfaces
  F, I, WE
Performance of Postures
  PE, I
Moving Parts  PE, I
Moving Parts  PH, I
Frame Within Frame  PH, I
A Device for Daydreaming  PH, WE

Surface: A Temporary Recording Medium  PH, WE
The Intersection of Body and Material  WO

I    @laurabanfield